I'm Norris Packer


Over 30 years ago I sat at the pottery wheel for the first time and found my passion for making pottery. I was able to refine my craft and turn that passion into a profitable side hustle. Now I educate potters on how to do the same.

How It All Started...

I took my first pottery class in high school and I fell in love with it instantly. I loved the tactile feel of shaping clay in my hands and the rewarding experience of making something beautiful from nothing. 

I loved it so much I continued making pottery in college. It was then that my newly wed wife, Jo, surprised me with my first pottery wheel: An auctioned off $100 kick wheel. 

I dreamed of making high quality, everyday pottery pieces that people would cherish as their "favorite mug", their "favorite plate", or their "favorite bowl."

But my pottery wasn't  "favorite mug" quality yet

There were times early on when I felt discouraged with my work, but the dream of making and selling someone's favorite mug kept me going.

So I rolled up my sleeves
& got to work

I continued my pottery training and developed my own process and style for making professional pottery.

My pottery went from this: 

- Cracking
- Heavy bases 
- Thick walls
- Flat glazes
- Unsymmetrical 
- Poorly designed
- Inconsistent

To this: 

And this!

I built a profitable side gig selling my pottery at farmers markets, on Kickstarter, and on my online website. 

Soon I started hearing comments I had only dreamed about...

"Hey! Your mug is my favorite!"

"I use your bowl every day!"

"I use your vase every time I get fresh flowers!"

"I love using your plates!"

"I love using your pitcher at our family dinners!"

Since then I've been pursuing my creative passion,
sharing my heirloom pottery with people who cherish it,
and I'm making a profitable income on the side. 

It's been a dream.

But my most fulfilling dream?

Helping other potters do the same.

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A little more about me.

I live in Utah close to the mountains. (This spot is about 35 minutes from my house!)

I've been married to my sweet Jo for over 35 years! She's been a huge supporter of my pottery.

 I have six grandkids and I love teaching them pottery.

When I'm making pottery I love to listen to classical music and I always love to goof around. 


norris packer

Norris has been throwing pottery for over 30 years and has made over 20,000 works of pottery.  He sells his pottery regularly at trade shows, farmers markets, on Kickstarters and on his website. 

He has been teaching pottery for  over 17 years and considers it one of his greatest joys. 

Norris Packer’s ceramics can be described as beautifully functional and serene. He strives to create your favorite things. Useful and pleasing for a peaceful moment to yourself, a shared snack between friends, or a family meal that brings everyone together! 

Signature glazes are multi-layered in naturally composed rich colors, elevate the form making each piece as beautiful as it is useful. Each piece is thoughtfully created, burned and colored by fire and time along with exceptional attention to detail and uncompromising dedication to quality.

"Big hearts can make big works."

- Suketoshi Matsuyama, Japanese Master Potter